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Global Organic Textile Standard


What Does Gots Certification Means and How it Works

Gots Certification
Global Organic Textile Standard

Global organic textile standard, in short, Gots certification is a textile-related product Certification standard. It ensures that the final product sold out to its potential customer/buyer has made of organic raw material. It is compulsory to use organic raw materials throughout the supply chain. The final product sold out to its buyer or customer could be the garments, made-ups, Fabric, yarn, or the cotton itself. Every processor throughout the supply chain requires to choose Gots certified suppliers.

What is Transaction certificate

To prove the product sold by Gots certified suppliers is made of organic material, the seller will provide a transaction certificate to its buyer. A transaction certificate is something that an auditing body of Gots Certification monitors. The auditing body monitors the purchased quantity of certified organic material. The auditing company looks into the material the company purchased & its further manufacturing of organic final product after process losses & then issues the transaction certificates 

How to Settle Gots Supply chain / Gots certified Suppliers

It is necessary for companies involves in outsourcing any of their Gots processes to choose Gots-certified companies. For their outsourcing processes such as weaving, knitting, sizing, washing, dyeing, it is necessary to choose a certified supplier. Functional ETP (Effluent treatment plant) is a mandatory requirement in Gots Certification for the companies involves in any wet processes. 

GOTS Criteria and Requirements

Gots-certified products must contain a minimum of 70% organic cotton up to 100%. On the other hand, it is permission to use up to 30% recycled polyester. The limit of spandex usage is up to 5%. Anyhow for Sportswear products, the organic composition portion stays the same whereas the spandex limit gets some increase depending upon the product. See Gots Criteria and Requirements in detail.

In order to become Gots certified, the company will improve its in-house facilities, social/environmental responsibilities as per the requirements of Gots standard.

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