The Higg Index introduction

The Higg Index consists of three sets of tools that together span across the supply chain, including Higg Facility Tools, Higg Brand & Retail Tools and Higg Product Tools.

To get Higg Index verification of your facility, first, you need to register and login on Higg Index portal. Here you can see the Higg index certification step by step process 

1. Higg Facility Tools

The Higg Facility Tools include Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) and Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (Higg FSLM). They are an annual self-assessment completed by a manufacturer. Manufacturers can compare their Higg FEM performance with the industry benchmarks after posting their module in the Higg platform.

Higg FEM evaluates the 7 aspects of environmental impact.

Higg FSLM evaluates the 9 aspects of social impacts.

These tools have been widely accepted by international brands and retailers to assess their supply chain’s environmental and social impacts.

2. Higg Index Brand & Retail Tools (Higg BRM)

Brands and Retailers can use the Higg BRM to measure the environmental and social impacts of their operations and make meaningful improvements. Higg BRM assesses a company from a full life-cycle management system perspective, providing scores at key stages from product development to logistics, and end of use.

3. Higg Product Tools

The Higg Product Tools consist of Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) and Higg Product Module (Higg PM).

Higg MSI, measures the impacts of material production from cradle to gate,

using LCA approach, empowers designers and sourcing teams to make more sustainable choices during material selection and work with partners and manufacturers to find alternative materials that meet both design and sustainability attributes.

The Higg PM (Part 1) is a newly launched tool since September 2020. The Higg PM measures the environmental impact a product makes throughout its life-cycle. The current tool evaluates the impact of a product from cradle to gate. Higg PM (Part 2) will be launching in the second half of 2021. The Higg PM will be helpful for future product labeling and potential environmental legislation.

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