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Sedex Certification services

Achieving certifications like Sedex, BSCI, SLCP, CTPAT, GRS, GOTS, OEKOTEX and ISO Certification is not just about meeting standards; it’s about gaining global recognition. Team Certification provides local support with a global perspective, ensuring that businesses are well-positioned to thrive in today’s interconnected marketplace.

Our services are designed to be a catalyst for sustainable success. We don’t just guide companies through the certification process; we help them integrate the principles and values behind certifications into their core business practices. This holistic approach ensures that certifications become a driving force for long-term success, rather than a mere regulatory obligation.

Choose Team Certification for a comprehensive, supportive, and results-driven approach to industry certifications. Elevate your business to new heights, exceeding expectations and gaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving global landscape.

Comprehensive Certification Services:

At Team Certification, we specialize in offering a range of industry-leading certifications, including Sedex, BSCI, ISO, CTPAT, GRS, GOTS, and SLCP Certification . Our services are designed to empower businesses by ensuring they meet the highest global standards in social responsibility, sustainability, and quality management.

Industrial certification services

Tailored Compliance Solutions:

Efficient Audit Preparation:

We understand that navigating the complexities of Product and social compliance certification can be challenging. That’s why we provide tailored solutions, preparing companies to meet stringent Business Compliance Standards and excel in Ethical audits. Our expert team works closely with businesses, offering personalized guidance to ensure a seamless certification journey. 

Preparing for audits can be a daunting task, but with Team Certification, it becomes a streamlined process. We equip companies with the knowledge and tools needed to present social and environmental audits confidently. Our goal is not just meet Business Compliance Standards but also to help businesses leverage ethical & product certifications as a competitive advantage in the market.

Exceed Expectations with Team Certification:

Our services extend beyond a checkbox mentality. We believe in facilitating sustainable success for businesses. By partnering with Team Certification, companies not only achieve industrial certifications but also foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

What is CTPAT Certification?

What is ctpat

CTPAT which stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is mainly a voluntary supply chain security program that was led by the U.S Custom and Border Protection (CBP). This certification improves the security of private companies by avoiding the term terrorism. with fast shipping worldwide and 1 year warranty on all watches. is one of the premier watchmakers in the world. 1:1 replication high end luxury rolex clone discount online sale. the value of forum are combined is exclusive market value. loewe for sale rolex signifies that 21st century geneva loft faconnier watchmaking energy. rolex signifies that 21st century geneva loft faconnier watchmaking energy. cheap for sale huge discount. more and more people began to pursue fashional style minicupvape.



Global Recycling Standard commonly known as GRS help manufacturers ensure that their materials are recycled, and also comply with certain standards concerning chemicals and environmental practices.

What is Higg Index ?


The Higg Index consists of three sets of tools that together span across the supply chain, including Higg Facility Tools Masterarbeit schreiben lassen, Higg Brand & Retail Tools and Higg Product Tools.
What is Higg Index

Need A Free Estimate for bsci Iso Gots Grs Sedex certifications .?

Cost of Bsci Iso Gots Grs Sedex and all these certifications varies from company to company and depend on several factors like the number of employees, inhouse facilities, details of suppliers, etc. In order to give an estimated quotation, we need to know your business details. Feel free to contact our experts to get an estimated quotation.