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Sedex SMETA audit. How to get a Sedex Certificate
Begin your path towards Sedex certification by ensuring the success of your SMETA audit. Our streamlined approach and professional guidance will help bring your business up to the rigorous standards set forth by Sedex, from responsible sourcing practices to ethical company conduct. We’ll guide you every step along the way, making sure that meeting those requirements is achievable for you so you can become a valued member of this esteemed community.
You can trust our time-tested strategies not only to pass your SMETA audit but also elevate brand recognition through attaining prestigious Sedex certification status. Start today on achieving ethical excellence with us!

Sedex Certification & SMETA Audit Requirements - SEDEX's Pillars

SEDEX employs its proprietary social auditing approach, SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit), as a standardized framework for assessments. SMETA audit evaluates sites and suppliers across four foundational elements:

  1. Labour Standards
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Environment
  4. Business Ethics

SMETA offers two audit options for the whole Sedex supply chain: the Smeta 2 Pillar and Smeta 4 Pillar audits, each encompassing distinct assessment criteria.

  • Sedex 2 Pillar Audit covers Labour Standards and Health and Safety.
  • Sedex 4 Pillar Audit encompasses Labour Standards, Health and Safety, detailed Environment Ethics, and Business Ethics.
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SEDEX Membership Options

Three SEDEX membership categories cater to different organizational needs:

  1. Buyer (A): Access to viewing and running reports on the supply chain.
  2. Buyer/Supplier (AB): Viewing and sharing supply chain information with customers.
  3. Supplier (B): Sharing information with customers.

Industries Benefiting from SEDEX Certification

SEDEX is applicable across industries, particularly beneficial where social injustices might arise. Industries such as Garments, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Heavy Machinery, Automobiles, and Construction find significant value in SEDEX compliance.

Implementing SEDEX: Key Elements of SMETA audit

Achieving SEDEX compliance involves:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Labour Standards
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Ethical Business Practices
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Sedex benifits

Sedex Member Benefits

SEDEX certification brings numerous advantages:

  • Recognition as a socially compliant organization
  • Status as a SEDEX-approved supplier
  • Export expansion opportunities
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Efficient multi-tier data management
  • Enhanced business ethics focus

How Team Certifications Assists to Get SEDEX Certification

At Team Certifications, we’ve assisted over 40 clients in SEDEX certification & Smeta audit best practices for suppliers, offering 800+ hours of Supply chain compliance trainings and expertise. Our consultants guide you through every step of the SEDEX certification & implementation process, ensuring a seamless certification journey for your organization.

Ready to strengthen your business with SEDEX certification? Connect with our consultants for comprehensive assistance.

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Cost of Sedex Smeta or similar, or product certifications varies from company to company and depend on several factors like the number of employees, inhouse facilities, details of suppliers, etc. In order to give an estimated quotation, we need to know your business details. Feel free to contact our experts to get an estimated quotation.